Why choose MARIJOINLAH papers?

  • comfortable

    Most cones have filter tips that are usually too wide, or too short. Not ours! MARIJOINLAH Pre-Rolled Cones' tips are similar to RAW Wide Tips making it super comfortable to handle. The filter tip is 25mm long and has an M fold. 

    MARIJOINLAH filter tips are slimmer (5mm) than RAW Pre-Rolled Cones, ensuring that your material stays in the paper!

  • slow burning

    Using brown, unbleached wood pulp rolling paper ensures a smooth and slow burn. MARIJOINLAH rolling paper produces little ash, so you can really enjoy what is actually in the cone!

    The thin 14gsm paper used for MARIJOINLAH Pre-Rolled Cones is comparable to premium rolling papers in the market. The cones are carefully hand-rolled to guarantee no dents, bends and tears!

  • convenience

    Simply slide the matchbox-style box to access your beautiful brown MARIJOINLAH Pre-Rolled Cones. It's so easy to carry around and protects your cones well. 

    Cardboard straws included in the box keeps the cones in good shape. The straw can also be used to pack your pre-rolled cone once filled.

    We do the rolling for you! With the MARIJOINLAH Pre-Rolled Cones. Simply fill, pack and light!